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Creative ways to tell your parents – they are going to be grandparents

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One of the best things about learning you are expecting a baby is getting to share this good news with friends and family. Having a child is a life-changing event, and preparing for that baby is a time of excitement and joy. For most expecting parents, the first people to notify about your impending visit from the stork are your own parents. Your new baby is life-changing for them too, especially if this will be their first time becoming grandparents.


Approaching the subject carefully


There are several ways to notify your parents that they will soon be grandparents, ranging from a simple conversation to elaborate pranks or surprises. Try to be present in person to deliver this good news. Your presence will mean the world to them.


Ideas on delivering the news


Try inviting your parents over for dinner, to celebrate the good news in the privacy of your own home. News of a new baby is often emotional for parents, especially when notified about their

very first grandchild. Expect lots of affection, and belly rubs for the expecting mother – even if she is months from showing.
● While delivering the news, you could pull off some of the best tricks. Either have the announcement made through a baby shaped cake or have one of the poster cakes made at the cake delivery in warangal services.
● You could also place a hint by writing the message on a banner for the dinner or reveal the surprise in a chinese fortune cookie with the message on a paper. Either of these can be creative at a dinner setting.
While some families prefer to notify both sets of grandparents separately, gathering both your and your partner’s parents together is a great way to announce that you are expecting. Even if they have had past differences, your new baby is something both families will have in common. This can often build new bridges, helping you bring your baby into the most supportive family possible. It is not unusual for both sets of parents to rally in support of your needs, offering time, money and other commitments to helping you during and after your pregnancy.

What to do when you cannot deliver the news in person?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get everyone together in person. Using the phone is another way to break the news of the new baby to its grandparents. In this scenario, it is often a good idea to plan your phone call for the best possible time. You do not want to interrupt your parents’ dinner, or call before they get back home from work. If you speak to your parents on a regular basis, you will probably have an idea of when they would be available to find out they are going to have a grandchild! Here too, both you and your partner’s parents can be notified at the same time through a conference call. Both video calling and normal calling are acceptable ways to deliver this news. Though, video calling feels a lot more personal than the later. Whether in person or via telephone, your parents deserve to hear about your pregnancy firsthand. However, you cannot simply expect to deliver this news empty handed! You are going to be parents and need to start off your duties by handing over gifts to the wouldbe grandparents.
You could also plan a gift delivery for your parents who might be staying far away from you.

● Bouquets – sending the would be grandparents a soft pastel shaded bouquet of assorted flowers with a “we are having a baby!” tag or a greetings card stating “you are about to be grandparents” are simply creative ideas.

● Novelty items – every personalised gift will be adored by the new grandparents, but giving them a puzzle box or a puzzle set is magical too! Your eager parents will finish the puzzle only to get the news they have been hoping for!
Expecting parents should consider telling their parents first, then friends and other extended relatives. This allows you to share a private moment with your parents, and plan for the new life that is about to change yours forever.

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