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5 Mind-Blowing Tips To Make Your Facebook Profile Attractive

by Drwebhost

1 Hide Your Tagged Photo

Many people who tagged you sometimes unnecessary because those people still do not know about the tag. Tag only those friends who are only that photo or video or if you want to tell about them. So if you want to make your Facebook profile attractive, then remove all tags by others from your profile. Remove all those photos or videos which not make sense in your profile. So use this technique to increase your profile look.


2 Properly Edit About Page

About Page is the most important thing while it comes to make the Facebook profile attractive. Put proper information about yourself on the about page like the place where you live, your relationship status, your birthday, your interest, about your current profession, or you can add your school, college, or university. In this way, you can attract people to your profile. By creating Facebook profile Attractive, chances of getting more followers on your Facebook account.


3 Arrange Feature Post Properly

There are feature post options in your Facebook profile, but many people do not know this feature. You can add a total 9 photo which will appear on your profile. You can select your favorite post, which you like to shoe. This feature can increase your Facebook profile’s attractiveness.

4 Update Your Privacy Settings

You do not have to show all details to everyone. If you are feeling some details about you must be hidden from others known, then you can update the privacy setting of that detail. It will help to keep your data safe.


5 Learn From Others

This is the best way to decorate your profile. You can learn from other Facebook accounts if they are applying some unique trick to attract their profile, then you can copy from them. 



You can easily attract people on Facebook by following some unique techniques. We hope you like our article on “5 Mind-Blowing Tips To Make Your Facebook Profile Attractive.” 

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