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Enhance Your Core Strength With Yoga

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Most people consider six-pack abs as the personification of having a strong core. However, that is not completely true. You might have seen many top athletes having great core strength but zero visibility of abs. That does not mean that those lack core strength.


With the use of core in almost every physical movement that you do, core strength is really necessary. Have a reading of the below-mentioned basic exercises that you can do to have a stronger core. Keep reading.


Basic Yoga Poses For Core Strength


Plank Pose

The most basic and the easiest yoga pose that you can practice for a stronger core is the plank pose. It makes use of your legs, core, arms, and hip muscles to perform a perfect posture.


Get on your all-fours and slowly shift your weight on your elbows. Move your legs to the back and shift your weight on your toes.  Hold your body on your arms and feet, and try to maintain your spine in a straight line.


Boat Pose

Also known as V sit, the pose put a lot of pressure on your abdominal muscles, and legs. Moreover, it improves your overall sense of balance when you learn to balance your body mid-air with the help of your torso.


Simply lie down on your back and keep your legs and arms by your side. With a gentle push, engage your core muscles, and raise your upper and lower body into the air. Form an arc with your body while trying to balance your body on your waist.


Shoulder Stand

As depicted from the name itself, it might make use of the shoulders and upper back muscles, but the major emphasis is on the core strength. It could be enlisted as one of the most important poses of yoga for core strength.


Lie on your back and with a little push, raise your legs and waist into the air. It should be done in such a manner that your legs should come directly over your head. Try to balance the legs for the maximum time, so that, you can learn to incorporate the sense of balance in your life.


Bridge Pose

When you want to work on your abdominal muscles from the other side, you can practice the bridge pose. It places your lower back, quads, hamstrings, and core muscles under stress, so that, they can grow to provide you with a stronger core.


Lie on your back and slowly move your feet under your hips. With a little push, lift your torso with the help of your legs and shoulders. Remember to engage your legs and abdominal muscles for the better contraction of the muscles used.


Cobra Pose

Though it might seem like a very easy and unworthy yoga pose for core strength. However, it prepares you to perform complex yoga poses. The cobra pose massages the internal lining of the stomach, helping you to have a proper warm-up.


Lie on your stomach with your hands in alignment under your underarms, and your legs fully stretched to the back. Push your hands into the ground and raise your upper body towards the sky. Keep in mind that your lower back should not be lifted.


Wrap Up

When you practice various yoga poses for core strength, you need to be aware to gradually increase the intensity of your practice. This way, you can progressively grow without having any sort of discomfort or injury.


In case you have never practiced core exercises, you can practice yoga stretches for beginners to improve your overall health. When you practice consistently, you gain a strong and fit body.

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