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Gorgeous Lipstick Shades for winters

by Drwebhost

For some people, lips are the most sensual part of the body. But to maintain their lips’ sensuality, they need to take care of their lips; they need to give it attention-grabbing glow and color. But to do so, some people use cheap products that harm their beautiful lips.

Among all the products, lipstick is the only product that helps people shine on their lips and helps them make it attention-grabbing. While there are many lipstick shades available, some of them are reserved for summers and some for winters. One needs lipstick to moisturize the lips and add a nice tint to the lips without making it rough in winters. Here we have listed all the latest shades of lipstick that are perfect for winters.

List of Lipstick Shades for winters

1. Berry Blackmail

Berry Blackmail shade is for light skin tone, as this color looks dark and shiny. It will suit a light skin tone. Berry blackmail shade is more orchid tinted berry. One can easily carry any look with this shade.

You can create a classy wedding, formal look, or casual look with this shade. If you are looking for an ideal shade of red lipstick that can complement your light skin tone, this berry blackmail shade is perfect. This shade will give your lips proper texture and shine.

Berry blackmail shade is only available in Maybelline. Winter is the time to keep the lips hydrated all day long, so Maybelline’s berry shade lipstick will keep your lips hydrated.

2. Lady Danger

Lady Danger is a bullet matte lipstick shade that will give you a perfect sensual look. Mostly every matte lipstick is dry, but lady danger is not dry. It feels light, smooth, and a little bit glossy on the lips and stays for 5-6 hours without fading. It doesn’t bleed as it is matte but a bit porous.

You need to apply only a single stroke, and you are ready to go. It gives a bright color to wear it for an evening party or night outs and at wedding functions. This shade is readily available in Mac cosmetics.

People commonly know this shade as vivid bright coral red. Lady danger is a red lipstick with a strong hint of tangerine in it. It will suit girls with fair to medium skin tones as it will be too bright and neon for dark skin. Lady Danger has oriental floral – a woody fragrance with a dominant wild cherry note. This shade is readily available on online sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Colorbar cosmetics, etc. You can browse through Colorbar Offers & discounts to get a hefty discount on your purchase.

3. Pink Fantasy

The name simply suggests that shade is pink. This beautiful shade is perfect for all Indian skin tones. It might feel dry on the application, but soon the dryness fades off.


It is smooth and light on the lips. It feels like you haven’t applied anything on lips. If you want a familiar hue, you can use one stroke, but to get the perfect shade, you will have to apply two strokes, and it will give you a flawless look.

It stays for mo. It is one of the best shades. Its consistency is thin that will take a few minutes to dry off completely. This shade is suitable for a casual look and a formal look. This lip shade is easy to apply and leaves no patches on lips. This shade is available in every brand and on every online site. This lipstick is available at a reasonable price.

4. Rogue Signature

Rouge Signature is the famous entrant in the collection of bold matte lipsticks. This shade is highly pigmented and is formulated to be comfortably lightweight. This shade of lipstick is very long-lasting. This matte liquid lipstick will deliver rich colors that will last for long hours, no matter the occasion. Dark lipsticks are a guilty pleasure when winter rolls around, which is why this shade is well suited for one in winter. It will give great texture to the lips.

It will not let your lips dry like other shades. This lipstick shade swipes on with ease leaves behind intense color payoff and is hydrating on the lips. This shade will give a different kind of glossiness to lips, perfectly suitable for any occasion. It is easy to apply and easy to get. Winter is knocking on our doors; don’t let it hurt your lips.


In winter, people are anxious about their lips, and at the same time, they want their lips to look attractive and sensual. It is not easy to maintain both the thing in winter, but with these lipstick shades on can quickly get a perfect look and sensuality without any damage to their lips, these shade is suitable for winter, shades will not let your lips get dry or chapped. And most importantly, they are available on the online site and cosmetic store. So don’t let your lips get dry and lose its sensuality.

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