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How To Write A Student CV And Find Suitable Vacancies?

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Curriculum Vitae- CV is the most integral and significant part of getting a job. It plays the most vital plank in the path leading towards job. Also, it is the initial point where an individual can make or break his image in front of the recruiting manager.

Numerous surveys have reflected that hiring managers look at the CV for several seconds only and in those few seconds, your curriculum vitae must throw a positive impression over him.

Looking at the resume from the perspectives of students, the creation of CV can be a little stressful.

To get a job, the degree is definitely a must and obviously, we all are aware of this ground reality. Students are pursuing their degrees in different career fields and are gaining their knowledge in different disciplines.

But not only degree, experience is also a significant element that is prioritized over the education. Students need to gain basic experience in their certain career choices to get the jobs.

That is stressful, I know that feeling right!

Creating a student CV asks a lot of efforts and smart tactics to incorporate every single detail in just one paper! This could be little tricky as the students have to mention about their career mindset and skills which they possess.

If you are a student and searching for suitable vacancies for yourself then we have got your back. Here are the tried, tested and proven 13 tips that would encourage you to craft outstanding student resume. Also, these tips might help you to get hire instantly.

Let’s get into the study.

Get professional and tailor up your resume:

Getting professional with your CV is very important. Do not use funky and fancy email address while applying for the job. It will make you look unprofessional. Also, make sure to tailor your resume for every job as per its requirement.

Use proper format and structure for resume:

Using proper format and structure for the CV is highly recommended. You can use the templates and proper formatting for the resume to make it look professional like dissertation writers use when writing any paper. Also, this will increase your eligibility to get the job. Make sure that you have used the clear fonts to make your resume easy to read.

Search about the position and the employer:

Before applying for the job position make sure that you have done proper research for the job position. Find out its main objectives and gain some information about the organization. This will also make you look enthusiastic for the job position. You can take the help of several services related to professional CV writing in UAE.

Begin with some catchy statement and objective:

While creating the CV, ensure to begin it with some catchy and captivating personal statement. Lead your resume with a compelling and efficient objective that could highlight your educational qualifications and skillset.

Say no to photo and date of birth:

Keep your CV professional and do not include your photo and date of birth. Nobody in the company has anything to do with your age. Experience is not linked with practical experience.

Use the targeted keywords:

Pass the ATS with the help of targeted keywords. Add several keywords into your CV that are related to the job description. This will help your resume to pass the applicant tracking system and your CV will get a place in the eyes of recruiting manager.

Creativity is the key:

Students must be creative enough with their CVs while including educational years. You can mention your related coursework and subjects. Also, you can mention about your relevant modules. You can also boost your resume by mentioning the current GPA.

Elaborate your work experience and accomplishments:

Student CV is the document where you can add your volunteer experience as well. Internships and team activities can also be added in the resume to make it shine out brighter. Also, make sure that there is no gap in the work experience. This will make you look passionate.

Include other section of hobbies and achievements:

Being an undergraduate, you are free to include your other hobbies and achievements as well. You can mention about your skillset as well and can elaborate the level of proficiency. Awards, certificates, and personal projects can also be shared in these sections.

Proofreading and editing:

Last but not the least, proofreading and editing is the must. Ask a friend to help you in proofreading your work. This will help you to remove the minor errors and silly mistakes from the work.

Add cover letter:

Cover letter plays a crucial role in the path towards the job hiring. In a cover letter, you can talk in detail about your skills and achievements. Make sure, that you also send a follow up or thank you email after giving the interview. This is also a prompt way of impressing hiring manager.

Keep the resume neat and clean:

Ensure to craft the resume in a proper format. It must look neat and clean and should not be messy. If the CV would be overwritten then it will not get the attention of hiring manager and he will not be impressed.

Soft skills and good grades are plus point:

Having soft skills and good grades can never get you wrong. Let your hiring manager know about this via your CV that you have technical and soft skills and you can contribute in the organization to your best.


The undergraduates are recommended to incorporate these tips while crafting their resume for numerous job positions. Make sure to embed these tactics smartly in the CV to get hired instantly.

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