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How Yoga Helps You Lose Fat – Know Here

by Drwebhost

How Yoga Helps You Lose Fat – Know Here


The way you look has an indirect relation to how healthy you actually are. The unwanted fat around your belly can lead to some serious health issues like cardiovascular health and respiratory issues. Yoga is the best way to help you get rid of that unhealthy fat and replace it with lean muscle mass.


Yoga helps you burn more fat even while resting and that improves your metabolism. It is the best and healthy way to stay fit and get rid of the toxins in your body.


Yoga For Weight Loss – The 6 Ways


With that said, it is time you understand how yoga helps you lose those extra pounds without any hassle.


  1. Improves Heart Rate


Yoga poses like the Sun Salutations during the start of any yoga session helps get the blood pumping in your body. It is the best cardio for maintaining great cardiovascular health. It burns unnecessary calories which in turn decreases your overall weight.


  1. Helps Improve Lifestyle Choices


Regular practice of yoga for weight loss helps you start on the path to a healthy diet, lifestyle, and overall daily regimen. The overall increase in energy helps you make adapt to better eating and lifestyle habits.


It is a common scenario to witness those practicing yoga choose a glass of fruit or vegetable juice instead of junk food and sugary drinks. It is what ultimately helps you get rid of the unnecessary fat and unhealthy calories that help with weight loss.


  1. Increases Your Awareness


You becoming aware of your body’s needs is a big step towards good health and having a healthy weight. The regular practice of yoga develops your ability to listen to your body. It is what helps you understand the difference between craving and need. In the longer run, yoga helps you prevent many injuries that come with being overweight.


  1. Increased Energy Levels


The deep breathing you practice in every yoga session helps increase your overall energy levels. It helps you become active in daily life and fight mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The more active you are, the more yoga you will practice and the more calories you will burn.



With that said, it is time we check out the two major yoga for fat burning poses to help you get rid of that unnecessary weight.


1.The Crow Pose


Crow Pose is a great arm balancing yoga pose which requires you to focus intently along with having upper body strength. It works on your core muscles and provides balance to your knees and triceps.


How to Perform the Crow Pose


  • Start this pose in a deep squat position. Plant both your arms down on the mat with shoulder-distance apart.


  • Shift your entire weight forward onto your hands and place both your knees on the back of your triceps or keep them close to your armpits.


  • Keep focusing your gaze for a distance of 10 to 12 inches in front of you while lifting one of both of your feet off the ground.


  • Tighten your core and bring both of your feet towards your butt while keeping your toes pointing back towards you.


  • Maintain this position for at least 5 deep breaths before bringing your feet down.



  1. High Lunge With a Twist Pose


Lunges are the best yoga for weight loss practice to develop your lower body. It works on the largest muscles in your body and that burns off the excessive fat. With a push, you can work on the core muscles along with maintaining your balance.


How to Practice the High Lunge With a Twist Pose


  • Start this pose by coming into the high lunge or the crescent pose with your right leg forward. Place both your knees directly above your ankle.


  • Bring both of your hands into a prayer position near your heart.


  • Slowly twist your spine to one side and hook both your elbows outside your knees.


  • Keep both your shoulders on top of each other and look in the upward direction.


  • When you inhale, stretch your spine and twist a little on exhale.


  • Hold this position for at least 3 to 5 deep breaths before coming to the resting position.





Unhealthy weight gain is often the culprit behind many health issues such as heart problems, breathing issues, and sexual problems. Practicing yoga for weight loss can help you stay away from these health problems and at the same time burn off the unnecessary fat.

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