In Big Foot Tools we have the magnificent Peashooter that has a gentle magician to make it easier and more practical to handle

If you are looking for high quality and resistance in a tool we recommend Big Foot Tools. Our designs are unique, stable, efficient, very safe and unbeatable prices, because in Big Foot Tools we have the main mission to provide tools of excellent quality without costing them more, and can thus make your projects easier and faster without looking quality decreased

We offer unbeatable tools such as the Big Boy 14 “Worm Drive Beam Saw, the best option to make cuts in material 6x in a single pass, La Sierra 10- ¼”, without a doubt is the best blade for machines of 10 ¼ “capable to make perfectly straight cuts and controlled and to cut 4x headers is easier, or the magnificent peashooter Hammer that has a gentle magician to make easier and practical the peashooter nail driver.

This tool is completely indispensable for the carpenters who are responsible for collecting work in a personalized way or production in the framework. The Big Foot Peashooter Hammer has been made by the best peashooter nailer in the United States, we guarantee that it will never rust or become full of fungi since it is coated with zinc and has a rounded tip.

If you do not know How to make a peashooter we tell you that its handling is simple and that you should definitely have one if you need to embed nails and perform jobs full of aesthetics. Just slide the end of the Peashooter over the head of the nail, hit the sliding hammer and thus the head will be flush.

On our website, we have tutorials of the Peashooter Tool so that our clients can be guided and make better use of their tools. We also have a beam cutting saw that you can also purchase from one of our exclusive Big Foot Tools distributors.