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Types of credit card you must go for this festive season

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Credit cards have become an indispensable financial tool in today’s scenario. In 2019, the credit card users in India surged up to 48.9 million, as per reports by the RBI. Subsequently, 2020 has also witnessed an increase in total consumer spending through credit cards so far.

Managing finances during festivities becomes all the more important, owing to a multitude of purchases planned. It is often difficult for one to meet these expenses from the savings, thus pitting the need for additional finances suitably fulfilled with a credit card. However, you can double the joy this festive season by using the best credit card for online shopping. So, here are some of the card types to suit your shopping requirements during festivals.

Best credit cards to go for –

  • Shopping credit cards

As the name suggests, a shopping credit card offers numerous benefits to a user when he/she shops online or at physical stores. These benefits include deals, discounts, cashback, reward points, and other offers every time they use this card to shop. As a result, this card can lower your expenses and increase savings.

  • Reward credit cards

Reward points earned on each transaction enhance the experience of using a credit card. Customized reward credit cards help earn accelerated reward pints and exciting offers on every rupee spent by the user. Each card issuer specifies the number of reward points against various types of transactions, such as grocery shopping, online bill payment, and so on. The accumulated reward points can be easily redeemed for cash, discounts, or vouchers.

  • Travel credit cards

For those with trips planned during this festive season, credit cards tailored to fit ticket bookings can prove to be resourceful as well as affordable. The card offers several benefits to travelers such as travel insurance cover, vouchers, additional rewards, and the likes. They also include additional perks like earning travel miles, complimentary lounge access, favorable currency conversion rates, and much more.


  • Fuel credit cards

When traveling in the city, you can opt for the best credit card for fuel purchase and save up on your fuel expenses. The rising cost of fuel has been a cause of concern for commuters, especially during festive seasons that bring along increased expenses while only multiplying your fuel consumption.

A fuel credit card will thus lead to considerable savings. These benefits come in the form of fuel surcharge waivers, cashback, reward points on fuel purchases, etc. Such benefits only add an incentive to choose the best credit card for fuel purchases to suit your needs.

  • Lifestyle credit cards

These are among the most widely used credit cards in India. Card issuers offer multiple variants of lifestyle credit cards that provide numerous benefits to users. Some of them include travel savings, health and wellness benefits, offers on movie ticket purchases, dinner privileges, etc.

  • Entertainment credit cards

If you are someone who likes going out and opts for frequent entertainment bookings, such as concerts or sports events, this card is ideal for you. Users get discounts and other offers such as reward points on every entertainment booking with this card. These entertainment spends can range from movie ticket purchases, amusement park ticket bookings, concert ticket bookings, and the likes.

Beginners are also often unclear on which credit card to pick from a plethora of choices. In that case, secured credit cards come as the safest bets. Most financial institutions offer such entry-level credit cards with low to no annual charges. Users can also get rewards and cashback on purchases alongside waivers on fuel surcharge and travel insurance cover, among other benefits, through these cards.

When it comes to the best credit card for online shopping during the festive season, you can also consider availing of credit cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. They offer a multitude of benefits in just one card.

The issuer of this card also brings pre-approved offers to make financing hassle-free and less time-consuming. These offers are available on several financial products, including personal loans and business loans. You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting your name and contact number.

Today, there is an array of credit cards available to suit the varying needs of customers. As a result, it often gets confusing for users to choose the right card for themselves. So, consider the options mentioned above and choose a card that caters to your needs, suits your expenses, and maximizes your benefit.


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