What you should know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a great cure for most of our ailments

Although it seems incredible, breathing oxygen, at its purest level, is an excellent way to regenerate tissues and recover the vitality of our body. In this, precisely, monoplace hyperbaric chamber for sale is based, which consists in supplying the patient with oxygen with 100% purity, in a hyperbaric chamber that can be for a single person, also known as a Monoplace or for a group of patients, which are called Multiplace.

This oxygen therapy is found in hospitals, clinics or specialized centers, with a highly professional staff that is responsible for serving each patient, according to the condition that presents. These treatments improve notably; chronic wounds in all types of patients, including diabetics; soft tissue and bone lesions, poisonings from inhalations of smoke or carbon monoxide, abscesses, among many others.

The treatment is painless and its side effects are not permanent, they are related to discomfort in the ears, like when we take off in an airplane, due to the pressure change.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is pressurized to 6.0 atmospheres. There are class A, B, and C, are duly approved by FDA-510 (k) (Food and Drug Administration), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and PVHO-1 (Pressurized Chambers for Human Occupation), with all security standards and is now available at www.hyperbaric-chamber.com.
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Therefore, if you think of providing this type of service to the community, you should look for Tekna professionals.