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How to force Facebook tag

by Drwebhost


Tagging somebody on Facebook can be troublesome here and there. It doesn’t generally work and it’s disappointing when you need to label another Page and can’t. There is an approach to drive a Facebook Tag that is somewhat unordinary and it takes a few minutes of your time.

Above all else, you may not realize that Facebook has a convention called Open Graph which is essentially various components, (for example, individuals, pages, occasions, and applications) are gotten to on Facebook. Anybody can get to this data (obviously security settings are set up) through the Graph API. You can contact Facebook customer service for any help regarding Facebook.

To compel a Facebook tag there are fundamentally 4 stages. (What’s more, a brisk update, there is another technique that can work toward the finish of the article)

  • Get the Open Graph ID number of the thing you are attempting to tag (Page, Event, or App – this doesn’t work with Tagging individuals).
  • Start your post and label something that you can tag.
  • View the Source code of your Post.
  • Change the Graph ID number by sticking it into the source code and afterward post the update.

We should separate this bit by bit.

#1 Get the Facebook Graph ID number

To get the Facebook Graph ID number for the thing you need to tag, go to the Page, Event, or App itself on Facebook and investigate the URL. On the off chance that the URL has not been modified, the ID number is appearing in the URL itself as you find in this picture.

On the off chance that the URL has been tweaked, you should simply add “chart.” instead of the “www.” For instance, I would go to http://graph.facebook.com/grandmamaryshow to discover my Graph ID number as appeared in this picture.

#2 Start the Post on Facebook and Tag Anything

With this progression you will make your Post the manner in which you need it however label whatever you can tag – even your own Page name is fine. Start your Facebook Post

#3 View the Source Code of your Post

Presently you need to take a gander at the source code of your post since you will physically glue the Graph ID into that code in Step 4. To see the Source Code, right snap on the post and select Inspect Element.

Presently what you will see is the code for your post underneath. Notice where I have the tag in the post code. That is the Graph ID of my own Page there. Be that as it may, I need to compel it to another Page. So I will simply glue the Graph ID of the Page I need to tag there.

#4 Adjust the Graph ID number by sticking it into the source code

Presently click on that Graph ID code and glue the other code of the Page you need to tag in physically. The name that is recorded won’t make any difference.

Presently you should simply tap the blue Post catch and your Tag will be right. In the event that for reasons unknown it didn’t come out right, you can generally promptly erase it, confirm the Graph ID and attempt once more.

Clearly it’s greatly improved when Facebook labels work effectively with simply the @ and composing in the Page name. Be that as it may, in the event that you truly need to label something and Facebook is acting flaky, at that point you can constrain the tag.

Large Hat Tip to Will Fries of The Business Dept for demonstrating this workaround!

Substitute Method: Edit Your Post

Soon after I composed this, I learned of another way that labeling can be constrained (despite the fact that this doesn’t appear to work with Events however it is something to attempt that is somewhat snappier than looking into the Graph ID). On account of Cecilia Waldron for that tip!

Stage 1: Create your Post and Schedule it for what’s to come.

Your initial step is to make your post and don’t stress on the off chance that you can’t label the Page. Timetable for any time later on.

Stage 2: Edit Your Post in the Scheduled Posts zone and add the tag.

I don’t know why it permits you to add labels in the Edit zone that you couldn’t promote at first yet it accomplishes appear to function admirably. It didn’t work for me to label Events yet it’s a fast workaround for Pages.


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