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Best Tips to start meditating properly for healthy life

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How to start meditating properly: Familiarize yourself with the basic rules

Therapy for all who live a hectic life – even so, meditation can be defined, which brings deep relaxation, according to experts. If you are stressed for a long time, you do not have time to rest, and the only thing that is going through your head are negative thoughts. It is time to start with this form of therapy. You will feel deep relaxation and relief from the pain that you may have been suffering from that Friday. So how do you start meditating properly for a healthy life?

Meditation as an inactive state of full consciousness 

Meditation can be described as a type of therapy, but it is also an inactive state of full consciousness during which thoughts or actions do not play a significant role. During meditation, the mind is relaxed and calm, which has both emotional and physiological effects. This is also confirmed by scientific studies that have dealt with this type of therapy for many years.

During meditation, the pulse and breathing are slowed down. Oxygen consumption in the body is reduced. There are psychological changes. What leaves our body is stress, also anxiety, or nervousness. On the other hand, we are filled with a more incredible zest for healthy life and greater self-confidence.

How to start meditating properly? 

Ideally, start a meditation start with a meditation lesson led by an experienced instructor. However, if this method of starting does not suit you, you can begin meditation exercises in the comfort of your home. Just follow a few basic rules:

Emphasize comfort 

When meditating, one usually sits in a Turkish or lotus position. Emphasize that you will be comfortable because your mind will feel the discomfort you will feel. Instead of tight-fitting jeans, choose a more relaxed outfit, as well as sit on a pillow that will ensure sufficient comfort. A meditation mat is also suitable.

In what position do you meditate? 

You are wondering how to start meditating correctly? The important position is where you meditate. It is thanks to the meditative position that you can remain attentive. The energy in the body flows freely in a suitable position, and you feel self-control.

At first, I prefer only a moment. 

If you have read publications about meditation and found out more, then you may have been intimidated by one thing, and that is you have to meditate for at least an hour to make sense at all. But this is not entirely true. You don’t have to think for an hour or a half to bring something. You can meditate for a shorter time – at least from the beginning.

Meditation is an example of how one can gradually push one’s boundaries. As a beginner, meditate for five or ten minutes – increase your score progressively.

Be offline for a while 

For meditation to be useful, it is important to be entirely offline, at least for a short time. Therefore, turn off any notifications, ringtones, or all beeps on your mobile phone that could disturb a moment of complete relaxation. Meditation leads to a focused mind, and by continually watching the display of a cell phone, you will never reach this point.

Meditation is about habit. 



Meditation is primarily about perseverance and also patience. That, after all, is what this type of therapy is supposed to teach us. Therefore, meditate patiently every day for at least a few minutes. The basis of success is to develop a habit, leading to all the other effects of meditation practice.

Breathe more than it matters 

As with yoga, meditation is the proper breathing of alpha and omega. From the beginning, the mind will focus too much on breathing. It will be difficult for it. But (as every expert will confirm), the mind learns quickly. The reason is an imaginary toy that can be played with. And they will learn to live with practically everything you strive for – even with your breath.

But again, you need to be persistent. In this case, the fastest does not win. The path to proper meditation is a little more tortuous, and it is more of a time to tread it on a longer track. Especially during your trip, don’t be discouraged by the fact that you may be a little slower than your partner. It also best for improve your potency or you can use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 for the best potency.

Many experts often repeat one thing, and that is you can’t win meditation. It’s not a game where you could walk shortcuts or cheat. Paradoxically, if you try to win and meditate as the best in meditation, it will paradoxically lead to the smaller effects of meditation.

Meditation is not physically demanding if you ensure comfort. 

When the question “how to start meditating properly” is answered, you may still be thinking that meditation is not for you. Meditation exercises always seem to you to be a physically demanding activity. And since you never excelled in gymnastics and you usually climbed into the next year, you think you can’t do it. That’s why you don’t even go into meditation.

It is necessary to put everything in perspective – meditation is not a physically demanding exercise, as long as you ensure the mentioned comfort. You can achieve this either with a meditation pad or with the meditation mentioned above, which will prevent unpleasant and painful feelings.

Start with simple meditations. 

There is no time to waste time! Therefore, start meditating now. Today, there are different levels of meditation, and as a beginner, focus on the basic, easy ones that can be done anywhere, anytime. We especially recommend:

Perception of everything around 

Until now, you may have thought that meditation is just sitting on the ground. But a slightly different type of meditation exercise is suitable for each person. If you don’t like meditation in a lotus or Turkish sitting on a mat or pillow, go out into the streets and feel everything around you.

Meditation also means focusing on the present and detaching yourself from problems and stress, at least for a short time. You will not focus on negative thoughts when you start recording and registering what is happening around you. Watch your surroundings. Stopover a flower, birds, or smiling people. Simply observe – even this is a form of meditation that brings you inner satisfaction.

Perceive yourself 

Another of the basic meditation exercises is self-perception. Focus your attention on each part of your body. Feel your back or hands touching other surfaces. Touch yourself or just watch your breath, which changes in many healthy life situations.

According to experts, meditation in the form of self-perception is one of the most effective. She has helped many people relieve anxiety or panic attacks.

We meditate with meditation beads. 

You can diversify your meditation exercises with lessons. For example, meditation beads are worth considering. Meditation beads are small meditation, which has been a proven tool for meditation with the mantra for years. There are a total of 109 beads – one of them is the so-called guru bead. It is mostly red and fringed.

If you decide to use this aid for meditation, remember one thing – never lend it to anyone. Everyone should have their own, which grows stronger and stronger with more and more meditation.

Books worth reading 

Whether you start with meditation or are already experienced, you should reach for books in both cases. They can move you forward with seven miles. The question remains, so what books to read? What books give us different answers to the question “how to start meditating properly”?

The core of Buddhist meditation 

The first tip is a book called The Core of Buddhist Meditation. We are talking about classical modern Buddhist literature, which is based on the meditation of appearance. The book is an excellent guide on the path of meditation. It shows that the same way as it was thousands of years ago can be taken now.

Yoga heart 

Another worth book reading, which also deals with meditation and everything like that, is a book called Yoga of the Heart. The book is enriched with poems and instructions from saints and mystics from all over the world. Wisdom breathes from the book, which will surely dazzle you.

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