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Maths is recognized as one of the most difficult subjects among students around the world. And this anger and blame for the subject have been there for a long time. A survey was done for the most avoided subject and guessed what maths were the least favorite and most hated subjects among students. So, what is the reason for this most averse case? This can be because of many reasons. Some students find it boring while others can’t understand everything taught in the class. Math is a subject that requires daily practice if you want to understand it from basic. It’s not like other subjects which you can practice one night before the exam.

Below we have listed some of the reasons why students hate Math so much and given some tips to fix this problem. Students with incomplete knowledge of this subject prefer taking assistance with maths calculations online from experts. Where students understand things which they fail to understand in the class.


Why students Hate Maths And How To Fix This

There are different kinds of problems students face which make them hate Maths. To fix these there are different ways but below we have listed some of the best ways to fix these problems:

  • The Subject Don’t have many Ways to Score Marks

Subjects like English or writing can be obtained from different factors like spelling, creativity, grammar, punctuation, style, and more. There are few chances to get marks with math because an answer can only be right or wrong. Your answer should be right if you want to score full marks in any question.


How to fix this problem

Teachers and Parents can help the students by focusing on the understanding of material and thoughts. Teach them that the answer being either right or wrong is a real thing. Ensure that if he/she understands the subject’s concept, they can score straight good marks with the right answers. Tell them to practice the questions every day.


  • Students Find the Subject Boring and Dull


Another reason behind the subject being so hated by students is that they find the subject very boring and dull sometimes. Some students don’t find it interesting to learn about mathematics values, numbers and formulas, at least when related to studying history or grammar, as students find it easier to understand these subjects because these subjects don’t include lengthy numerical. The lack of knowledge of maths’ importance in practical life and getting it abstract is the main reason behind this.


How to fix this problem

Another best tip to encourage kids to do math problems is by showing them the application of maths in practical use is important to make them know the importance of the numbers and formulae. Parents can introduce their children to known people who are already doing jobs or who are already successful. Moreover, taking children for supermarket shopping and other tasks can introduce them to maths in everyday life.


  • The Subject Requires Lot of Memorization

Memorizing many formulas, equations, and numbers can be quite difficult for some students. Tell them not to cram or memorize the formula; just memorize them to use it in the right place in the question. Memorizing the formulas is the best way to solve the questions. Some kids like to cram the whole answer, which is not good for their grades. Because if they forgot one line in the answer, they can’t complete the answer.


How to fix this problem

Parents must guide children not to memorize or read the formulae but to understand the working and complete problem-solving. If students rely only on cramming, they cannot use the knowledge and then lag, getting demotivated when they have to solve problems that are out of the box and require applying concepts. Suggesting number-based brain teasers is an excellent way to let kids learn the concepts and build problem-solving skills rather than rely solely on remembering to pass the exams.


  • Self-Doubt

Self-doubting your abilities can be quite harmful to confidence. When kids start doubting their capabilities, it becomes hard for them to come out from this doubt. Some kids are scared whether they can do it or not so they start giving up before trying. While others are scared, what if their friend performing better than them can lower the confidence even more, making the child doubt his abilities and leading to future dislike for the subject.


How to fix this problem

The first thing is to fix this problem by stopping your kids from doubting their own capabilities. Encourage them to do their work. Motivate them every day, because this is a subject which requires daily motivation. And tell your kids to stop comparing them with his friends regarding school marks and performance. This only makes the child doubt himself more and hate the subject for bad scores.

Encouragement from parents is magical for kids in general. Appreciate them not even when they perform well but also when they can’t perform well. Sit with your kid, help them complete their homework, and tell them the proper solution when they have doubts.



Understanding math from depth can take a lot of time and effort, but with the proper practice and skills, it doesn’t have to be hard! Learn more about our mathematics tutoring programs and find out how we can help your child become good in mathematics and even have fun while doing it. Mathematics subjects require day to day practice. Without practice, you can solve the problem but will never understand how it happens.





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